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Aegilops tauschii genome database, a database of genetic and physical maps, genetic markers and genomic sequences for Ae.tauschii, accumulates and releases up-to-date information on Ae.tauschii genome mapping and sequencing by the Department of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis (UC DAVIS Plant Science) and Genomics and Gene Discovery Unit, USDA/ARS Western Regional Research Center, Albany, California (USDA GGD).

Disclaimer: The annotation of sequence contigs in the database was performed using a genome annotation pepeline MAKER. MAKER identified repeats using the TREP database, aligned ESTs and protein sequences with sequences, produced ab initio gene predictions, and automatically synthesized these data into gene annotation classes with evidence-based quality indices. The annotated genes and their structures in this database have not been subjected to experimental validation and should be used with caution.

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Page last updated: 03/06/2015