Discovery and Visualization of the core microbiome

Discovering a core microbiome is important for understanding the stable consistent components across complex microbial assemblages.


The core microbiome is typically defined as the suite of members shared among microbial consortia from similar habitats, and can be represented visually by the overlapping areas shared between the circles in a Venn diagram, in which each circle represents those members present in a particular sample or set of samples being compared.

Easy to Use

MetaCoMET is an efficient and interactive graphic tool which features a Venn diagram viewer and additional features for analyzing microbiome datasets. Users can upload their own data in BIOM file format for analysis with MetaCoMET.


Visualization of the Core Microbiome

Results of the MetaCoMET analyses are displayed as high-quality, interactive charts and images, generated with Javascript.

Example result

Multiple analysis methods

MetaCoMET offers three methods (membership, composition, persistence) for analyzing the core microbiome.


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